We are a team of freelance
Developers & Designers passionate
about new ideas and challenges

What we do

We put your requirements first. You and your feedback are the most important thing at every single stage.
We will provide you with regular and short-term updates and you can always monitor the progress of your project.

Who we are

Web Designer & Frontend Developer, Giorgia Sambrotta is a good taste lover, never satisfied coder and tireless startup challenger.

martin meyerhoff

Martin Meyerhoff is political scientist, manager and Ruby/Rails/Python programmer all in one.
He gets things done - and gets them right.

philipp hansch

Philipp Hansch has been into software development for over 5 years, most recently specializing in Ruby, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript.
In his free time, Philipp is coaching for Railsgirls Berlin and volunteering for eurucamp.

Backend developer & Project manager, Carolina GarcĂ­a is a backend developer with Ruby on Rails, FLOSS activist, RailsGirls addict and curious by default.